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Web scraping with Databricks

Hello,What is the easiest way to do web scraping in Databricks? Let's imagine that from this link: http://automated.pythonanywhere.com , I need to grab this element "/html/body/div[1]/div/h1[1]" and return a text, how can I do it? Can somebody write ...

Discrepancies between official spark 3.3.2 and what's provided in Databricks Runtime 12.2 LTS leads to NoSuchMethodError when creating ParquetToSparkSchemaConverter

I am trying to run my spark-dependent application on a Databricks cluster:spark-3.3.2on a cluster with Databricks Runtime 12.2 LTS (spark-3.3.2, scala-2.12)I end up with:NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.spark.sql.execution.datasources.parquet.ParquetToS...

396827 by New Contributor
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Init Script not 'Absolute'

Hello,I am trying to use an init script from my repo workspace. The cluster is a 'personal compute' cluster with single user access mode with the following runtime version: '13.1 (includes Apache Spark 3.4.0, Scala 2.12)' I have 'Files in Repos' set ...

alexiswl by New Contributor III
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