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Calculation on a dataframe

New Contributor

Hi, I need to do following calculations on a dataframe. It should be done for each period and calculated value will be used for next period's calculation. Adding sample data and formula from excel here. Thanks in advance for your help.

Need to calculate NewCashFlow and NewAllocation for period 1 onwards.

Formula for NewCashFlow for period 1 is =(G5*F2)+E5+E2 and NewAllocation is =H5/SUM(H$5:H$7)

From Period 2 onwards NewCashFlow is =(G8*I5)+E8+H5 and NewAllocation is =H8/SUM(H$8:H$10)

Sample data is:

03/31/2023Group1Allocation 138316684.900.470.00  
03/31/2023Group1Allocation 22589294.650.030.00  
03/31/2023Group1Allocation 341209290.550.500.00  
14/30/2023Group1Allocation 1-3087.230.005846.8638316325.940.466620701
14/30/2023Group1Allocation 2-208.620.005846.862589270.400.031532438
14/30/2023Group1Allocation 3-3320.290.005846.8641208904.490.501846861
25/31/2023Group1Allocation 1-3104.730.00-11987.0038307627.820.466620701
25/31/2023Group1Allocation 2-209.810.00-11987.002588682.610.031532438
25/31/2023Group1Allocation 3-3339.110.00-11987.0041199549.740.501846861
36/30/2023Group1Allocation 1-3115.460.00-2954.6338303133.670.466620701
36/30/2023Group1Allocation 2-210.530.00-2954.632588378.910.031532438
36/30/2023Group1Allocation 3-3350.660.00-2954.6341194716.310.501846861

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Hareesh1980In general, to perform these calculations in a data frame in Spark, you would need to use the withColumn Function to create new columns ’NewCashFlow’ and ’NewAllocation’, and apply the necessary calculations using the existing columns.

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