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Databricks ML Professional Certification exam got suspended due to technical issue

New Contributor

Hi Team,

I was taking online exam for Databricks Machine Learning Professional exam on 22nd September,2023(16:15 Asia/Calcutta), the exam first got suspended due to proctoring issue and was rescheduled by the proctor in the next 30 mins, then the exam was going very good for 25 minutes, then all of a sudden the exam screen went off  and my exam got 'Suspended' in-spite of appearing for the exam diligently and ethically, I have also received a mail from Kryterion that my certification is suspended due to technical issue and my response till the point is saved, Kindly help me resolve this by helping me to the restart/reschedule my examination, this certification is part of my Databricks Partner program , since my organization- Persistent systems is a Databricks partner and I really need to get done with the certification ASAP as advised by my organization, otherwise my job would be adversely impacted. I have also raised a support Ticket on Databricks support portal as well, having the no 00374374, kindly help me resolve this and help me complete my certification.






Community Manager
Community Manager

@Soumyajeet_das in order to protect your identity and personal information, please refer to the steps in this post to create a support ticket and the team will work with you on next steps.

Honored Contributor II
Honored Contributor II

@Soumyajeet_das Thank you for filing a ticket through support! The team is working on it. Thank you for your patience.

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