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I have a df where I am calculating values by month. When I run this code on my df it generates the desired results:for i in range(12,len(df.index)): df.iloc[i, 1] = df.iloc[i-12,1]*(((df.iloc[i,3]/100)+(df.iloc[i,6]/100))+1)So far so good. I want...
I have the following 3 dataframes:I want to append df_forecast to each of df2_CA and df2_USA using a for-loop. However when I run my code, df_forecast is not appending: df2_CA and df2_USA appear exactly as shown above.Here’s the code:df_list=[df2_CA,...
I have a list of dataframes (for this example 2) and want to apply a for-loop to the list of frames to generate 2 new dataframes. To start, here is my starting dataframe called df_final:First, I create 2 dataframes: df2_b2c_fast, df2_b2b_fast:for x i...
I am building a classification model using the following data frame of 120,000 records (sample of 5 records shown):Using this data, I have built the following model:from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split from sklearn.feature_extraction....
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