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Copy/Paste error when copying code from one cell to another

New Contributor II

I'm experiencing a very strange and extremely annoying bug when copy/pasting code from one notebook Cell to another. If the amount of lines that I need to copy/paste is over 10 lines, the pasted code is truncated with an "..." in the middle. I will show an example of this in some attached files. I made sure to check that my copy/paste works fine outside of Databricks and it does. I've asked other users in my organization, and no one else has this issue. As far as I know, i did not change the shortcuts for copy/paste. Am I in some weird test group? This is really hurting my productivity.



New Contributor II

I'm experiencing the same issue.  When I copy a long string of text from a cell in a databricks notebook, an ellipsis (...) replaces part of the text when pasted (this issue happens when pasting anywhere, not just into a notebook cell). I can paste long text without issue as long as it was not copied from a cell in a databricks notebook. I just started having this issue today and it's frustrating

New Contributor II

I am also having this issue, starting on 11/8/23. Haven't detected a pattern like copying from a %magic cell or not, but continuing to monitor. 

New Contributor III

I tried it in python notebook copy paste long code from one notebook to another and it works file is there any specific type of notebook or codeblock were you guys are seeing this issue ?

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