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Installing fpp3 R package on Databricks

New Contributor

In R notebook I am running: 

    install.packages('fpp3', dependencies = TRUE)
And getting back errors: 

    ERROR: dependency ‘vctrs’ is not available for package ‘slider’

I then install 'vctrs' and it again generates similar error that some package is missing and this whole process is endless. 

Can I install all required packages at once? Nothing like this happens on my local PC.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @MauiWarrior , Yes, you can install all required packages at once.

You are facing this issue because some packages have dependencies on other packages and they need to be installed in a specific order.

You can use the install.packages function with the dependencies=TRUE argument in R to install a package and all its dependencies.

However, if you are facing issues, you can try to install all the packages manually in the correct order.

Alternatively, you can use a package like pacman in R which can help manage package dependencies. The p_load function in pacman can be used to load and install packages, it also checks for missing packages and installs them.

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