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DataBricks Certification Exam Got Suspened. Need help in resolving the issue

New Contributor III

Hi Team,

My databricks exam got suspened on 7th April and it is still in the suspened state. I have raised a support request using the below link

and my request Id is #[00310407.]​ 

I would really like to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible so that I can take my exam quickly.

I am currently in between projects and want to get a project where I can get hands-on on Databricks. Having appeared in exam and getting a certificate will help me get selected to a Databricks project.

Considering this please take the action and help me get resolved this issue as quickly as possible.

@Kaniz Fatma​  @Vidula Khanna​  @Vartika Nain​  @Suteja Kanuri​ 


New Contributor II

Please @Kaniz, support me by prioritizing attention to my ticket: #00374902. Likewise, what is the reason for the suspension of the exam? It's already happened to me twice.

Honored Contributor II
Honored Contributor II

@jcdelgado Sorry to hear you experienced this issue. I have alerted the support team to look into the case and respond there.

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