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Databricks Community Champions
Experts dedicated to assisting community members by answering inquiries and producing high-quality content such as blogs, vlogs, and events. They consistently share and collaborate through their own platforms, always exuding enthusiasm and positivity.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Meet Harun Raseed Basheer, our Chennai user group owner, has a dynamic professional journey that began as an ETL developer and evolved into big data specialization with Databricks. He is a valued member of the Databricks Community, which he joined back in 2021 after being inspired by local meetups. With over six years of experience using Databricks, he continues to drive impactful decisions through data clarity and aims to transition into a techno-managerial role as a data architect in the coming years.

We presented him with a range of questions, and below, you will find his responses, expressed in his own words-

Name: Harun Raseed Basheer
Community Nickname@Harun 
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Company: Hitachi Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Job Title: Specialist - Data Engineer

Can you provide a brief overview of your career journey leading up to your current role?
I began my career as an ETL developer before transitioning into big data, specializing in Databricks as a platform. Currently, I leverage Databricks for primary big data processing in my role

What do you enjoy most about your current job or role?
I enjoy engaging with data and finding clarity within complexity, allowing me to uncover insights and drive impactful decisions.

If you had to describe yourself using three words, what would they be? How do you think your coworkers would describe you?
If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be analytical, collaborative, and dependable. My coworkers often refer to me as a go-to person who is always eager to share knowledge and learn from others.

Have you had any mentors or significant influences in your professional life? If so, could you tell us about them?
I learn from everyone, regardless of their level of experience, valuing insights from both juniors and seniors. My all-time influencer has been my first Delivery Manager, who significantly shaped my professional growth.

When and why did you first start using Databricks?
I began using Databricks over six years ago for a complex transformation proof of concept, aiming to benchmark its performance against traditional ETL tools. The successful POC highlighted Databricks potential, leading to the migration of our entire data platform to big data in Databricks. Since then, I have mastered Databricks and continue to expand my knowledge.

Are there any Databricks features that you particularly enjoy or find indispensable in your work?
I particularly enjoy the Databricks Assistant Autocomplete feature and the Unity Catalog. These tools are indispensable in my work, enhancing efficiency and data management capabilities.

Is there a Databricks feature you wish existed or would like to see in future updates?
I would like to see a visual dashboard for all my scheduled jobs, allowing me to monitor all my notebooks and pipelines from a single page in a flow diagram format. This would greatly enhance oversight and management efficiency.

When did you join the Databricks Community, and what motivated you to do so?
I joined the Databricks Community on September 27, 2021. Prior to my online engagement, I actively participated in local meetups, which inspired me to extend my involvement to the online community. Networking with peers and sharing insights motivated me to join and contribute to the Databricks Community.

What aspects of the Databricks Community do you find most valuable or enjoyable?
I find the Databricks Community to be an invaluable resource, serving as a go-to destination for addressing any technical questions related to Databricks. The prompt and expert responses from individuals worldwide make problem-solving efficient and enjoyable.

Outside of work, what is your favorite hobby or pastime?
Outside of work, my favorite hobby is spending time with family and friends, as well as organizing and participating in tech meetups. If you happen to be in Chennai, you can often find me at various tech meetups every Saturday.

Where do you envision yourself professionally in the next three years?
In the next three years, I aspire to evolve into a techno-managerial role as a data architect. My goal is to spearhead the development of robust data pipelines within my organization while also contributing significantly to the tech Community as a thought leader and mentor.

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Thank you for sharing your personal and professional journey with us. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experiences @Harun 😊🌟

Come, let's embark on a journey celebrating the experiences of our Community members. Dive into Harun's data-driven odyssey and uncover a wellspring of inspiration. Your next source of motivation awaits with just a scroll! 🚀