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Databricks Community Champions
Experts dedicated to assisting community members by answering inquiries and producing high-quality content such as blogs, vlogs, and events. They consistently share and collaborate through their own platforms, always exuding enthusiasm and positivity.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Before we jump into the interview, allow us to introduce Ranjit Kumar Kanamarlapudi, a Senior Data Warehouse Architect at Tiger Analytics, known for his profound passion for data.

We presented him with a range of questions, and below, you will find his responses, expressed in his own words-

Name:  Ranjit Kumar Kanamarlapudi 
Community nickname: @KVNARK 🌟
Pronouns: He/Him
Company: Tiger Analytics, Chennai, India
Job Title: Senior Datawarehouse Architect

Can you provide a brief overview of your career journey leading up to your current role?

As a Senior Data Warehouse Architect at Tiger Analytics, I bring extensive expertise in ETL, Big Data technologies, Pyspark, Databricks, and Cloud data warehousing (including Azure ADF and Synapse analytics). My certifications as an Azure Data Engineer Associate and Databricks Data Engineer Associate validate my proficiency. I specialize in designing robust data warehouse architectures, meticulously considering scalability, performance, security, and cost. My impactful contributions have shaped data warehousing platforms and optimized data source selection. My ability to tackle intricate challenges and consistently deliver results sets me apart.

What do you enjoy most about your current job or role?

As a Senior Data Warehouse Architect at Tiger Analytics, I find immense satisfaction in designing robust data warehouse architectures. The blend of creativity, problem-solving, and the impact of my work on data warehousing platforms truly excites me.

If you had to describe yourself using three words, what would they be? How do you think your coworkers would describe you?

Adaptable, Analytical and Collaborative

Have you had any mentors or significant influences in your professional life? If so, could you tell us about them?

In my professional journey within the data engineering field, I have been fortunate to have mentors who have significantly influenced my growth. 

5 individuals stand out particular in my entire IT career.

Riaz Abdul Samadh: Riaz  provided me with the opportunity to work on my first cloud project. He was the person who gave me an oppurtunity to step into the world of cloud computing and prove myself. Wherever my path leads, I’ll carry his wisdom, his compassion, and his unwavering belief in my journey.

Balaje MS Viswanathan:  Balaje has been a guiding light throughout my career. Balaje doesn’t merely manage deliveries; he nurtures growth. His unwavering belief in my potential has fueled my ambition. When I doubted my abilities, he reminded me that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and excel.

When and why did you first start using Databricks?

I began my journey with Databricks approximately an year ago. The decision to embrace Databricks was driven by its unified analytics platform, which offered a seamless environment for building, deploying, and managing data at scale.

Are there any Databricks features that you particularly enjoy or find indispensable in your work?

Databricks note books and AI-Generated Table Comments in Catalog Explorer

Is there a Databricks feature you wish existed or would like to see in future updates?

There’s one feature that I believe would significantly enhance the user experience - Resource Monitoring and Usage Alerts on DBU Consumption at Cluster Level

When did you join the Databricks Community, and what motivated you to do so?

I embarked on my journey with the Databricks Community approximately 18 months back. The reason why I joined is exchange Knowledge, to participate actively in interactive forums, networking oppurtunituies etc.

What aspects of the Databricks Community do you find most valuable or enjoyable?

The points they provided in databricks community as and when you provide an answers to the questions asked in databricks commuity previously encouraged me a lot to complete the certification exam and also able to redeem the points in the form of databricks goodies which are very much useful to me.

Outside of work, what is your favorite hobby or pastime?

Playing Table Tennis and watching suspense and thriller movies.

Where do you envision yourself professionally in the next three years?

I should be in a position to provide solution architecture in the field of data engineering. what ever may the problem , I should be able to provide solution for the same. I would like to reach to that level 3 years doiwn the line.

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Thank you for sharing your personal and professional journey with us. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experiences @KVNARK 😊🌟

Join us in celebrating our Community members' journeys. Dive deeper into Ranjit's world of data and discovery. Your next dose of inspiration is just a scroll away! 🚀