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Databricks Community Champions
Experts dedicated to assisting community members by answering inquiries and producing high-quality content such as blogs, vlogs, and events. They consistently share and collaborate through their own platforms, always exuding enthusiasm and positivity.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Before delving into the interview, meet Janga Reddy, an Associate Principal at LTIMindtree with a passion for data engineering and a plethora of Databricks certifications.

We posed several questions, and here are his answers, in his own words.

Name: Janga Phanindra Reddy 🌟
Community nickname: @Phani1 
Pronouns: He/Him
Company: LTIMindtree
Job Title: Associate Principal, Data Engineering

Databricks Certifications 

  • Academy Accreditation - Databricks Lakehouse Fundamentals
  • Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate
  • Databricks Solution Architect Essentials 
  • Databricks Champion

Can you provide a brief overview of your career journey leading up to your current role?

For over a decade and a half, I have devoted my career to perfecting my skills in aiding customers in the development of data platforms and analytical systems. My focus has been on designing and supporting the implementation of extensive data modernization and migration projects, particularly on cloud platforms.

What do you enjoy most about your current job or role?

At Databricks CoE, my role as a technology expert involves delving into the realm of new features and accelerator tools to improve the overall customer journey. Not only am I dedicated to exploring and developing these enhancements, but I also lend my expertise to project teams in need of guidance and support when facing obstacles related to Databricks. Moreover, I am committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

If you had to describe yourself using three words, what would they be? How do you think your coworkers would describe you?

Efficient, Collaborative, Analytical. These are traits that I strive to embody in the data engineering field. Colleagues might describe me as someone who is diligent in optimizing data processes, collaborates effectively within a team, and possesses a strong analytical mindset when addressing complex problems.

Have you had any mentors or significant influences in your professional life? If so, could you tell us about them?

In my professional journey within the data engineering field, I have been fortunate to have mentors (Abhishek Patel and Natraj Krishna Kumar) who have significantly influenced my growth. Their insights into best practices and real-world challenges have played a crucial role in shaping my approach to data engineering. Additionally, collaborating with experienced colleagues and staying updated on industry trends has been instrumental in my continuous learning and professional development.

When and why did you first start using Databricks?

I started using Databricks approximately two years ago. The decision to adopt Databricks was driven by its unified analytics platform, offering a seamless environment for building, deploying, and managing data at scale. Databricks has proven to be instrumental in optimizing data processing, enhancing collaboration within teams, and ultimately enabling more efficient and insightful data-driven decision-making in my projects.

Are there any Databricks features that you particularly enjoy or find indispensable in your work?

System tables which offer account activity, offering historical observability across Databricks workspaces

Is there a Databricks feature you wish existed or would like to see in future updates? 

Resource monitoring and usage alerts on DBU consumption at cluster level

When did you join the Databricks Community, and what motivated you to do so?

The motivation to join the Databricks community (from 2022) stems from the desire to engage with like-minded professionals, share knowledge, and stay updated on the latest developments and best practices in the field. Being part of the Databricks community offers a chance to contribute to discussions, learn from real-world use cases, and stay informed about the evolving landscape of data and analytics technologies.

What aspects of the Databricks Community do you find most valuable or enjoyable?

I see the Databricks team actively supporting the community with quick responses and assistance.

Outside of work, what is your favorite hobby or pastime?

Spending quality time with family and kids. Creating lasting memories and strengthen bonds. Whether it's engaging in activities, playing games, or simply sharing moments together.

Where do you envision yourself professionally in the next three years?

I envision excelling as an Enterprise architect and contributing to the Databricks Community.

Social Media Handles


Thank you for sharing your personal and professional journey with us. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experiences @Phani1 😊🌟

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