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Using run_job_task in Databricks Asset Bundles

Do Databrick Asset Bundles support run_job_task tasks?I've made various attempts to add a run_job_task with a specified job_id. See my the code_snippet below. I tried substituting the job_id using ${...} syntax, as well as three other ways which I've...

TimReddick by New Contributor III
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Invisible empty spaces when reading .csv files

When importing a .csv file with leading and/or trailing empty spaces around the separators, the output results in strings that appear to be trimmed on the output table or when using .display() but are not actually trimmed.It is possible to identify t...

BAZA by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Problems connecting Simba ODBC with a M1 Macbook Pro

Hi,There's a way to make work the Simba ODBC Driver for M1 Macbook Pros?I find myself able to run on an old intel version of Macbook easily, but now every time I even test the connection with the iODBC Manager fails.Definitely, the issue is around no...

Nico1 by New Contributor II
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Remove WHERE 1=0

I am hoping someone can help me remove the WHERE 1=0 that is constantly getting added onto the end of my Query (see below).  Please let me know if I can provide more info here.This is running a notebook, in Azure Databricks against a cluster that has...

DanBrown by New Contributor
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